HP4D operation description in drying process

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Every drying process needs to be provided with thermal energy, which, in a classical approach, is irrevocably wasted with exhausted moist air. Using heat pumps, we can recover a significant part of that energy by condensation of moisture and heating again the air that enters the chamber.

High efficiency of HP4D is a result of combining technologies such as heat pumps, closed air cycle and innovative thermodynamic solutions. Thermal processes` optimization highly improves the total energy efficiency, which results in 5 to 7 times lower power consumption.

2 to 4 times lower costs of indrustrial drying processes

Having implemented our solutions, drying plants can draw 4 to 7 times less energy. Final results depend on the type of the drying plant, drying process itself and its parameters. Such a high energy effectiveness does not translate into direct proportion to costs reductions. It is caused by the fact that the heat pumps are powered with electrical energy, that is 2 times more expensive that other sources of energy. This is why after begin of using our technologies, drying costs will be reduced 2 to 4 times.

Right side table presents a few exemplary cost-saving analysis after implementing HP4D, for different sources of energy and volumes of the production.

Implementing HP4D:

We reduce carbon footprint

We eliminate emission of CO2 and other harmful substances, that come from heat energy production.

We recover water

We can recover water from wet products and use it in other industrial processes.

We control drying process

We can control more precisely the drying process and quality features of the dried products. We make drying process independent of negative impact of variable environmental conditions and pollutions.

We preserve quality features of the product

We preserve quality features of the product.

We improve sterility of the process

It achieves higher sterility of the process, thanks to the elimination of external air usage, that brings pollution.

We lower also additional costs

Our technology usage results in a need for less air filters, elimination of exhaust gases filters, lack of CO2 emission charges and less costs of water usage.

We can cool products down

There is possibility to use heat pumps for cooling down purposes after execution of drying process.

It can get additional funding

Implementation of our solutions results in increase of drying plants total energy efficiency. These types of investments can be subsided by many grants, for example so called Certificates.