Thermal energy usage by drying plants 


Industrial drying processes consume 10% to 20% of whole energy and make several to several dozen percentages of whole production costs. Manufacturers of drying plants are focused on improving drying technology, however, so far, without achieving significant increase in energy efficiency.

In Drying Process company, we have invented innovative heat pump system basing on advanced thermodynamic principles, that implements both heating and drying of process air. The main idea of these solutions is centred on providing and recovering energy in a drying process using closed loop system.

Our heat pumps solutions are dedicated for a variety of branches and constructions. We handle also whole spectrum of thermal power: starting from several kW and ending at several dozen MW.


Fruits, vegatables, spices
Food production
Chemical Industry
Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics

Drying processes and drying plants types

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Our solutions can be implemented both in drying plants being currently designed as well as in the existing ones. Lower temperatures are more suitable for implementing HP4D, however for higher temperatures it is possible to use a hybrid system (heat pump + conventional heating).

Parameters of drying plant such as dimensions, airflow rate, heat or product capacity do not matter with HP4D. We provide tailored offers for all drying branches, taking into account dried product, design of drying plant, cycle of air and automatics.

Our solutions can be used in a variety of drying plans and their combinations, among others:

    • Chamber
    • Conveyor belt
    • Fluidized horizontal
    • Fluidized vertical
    • Rotating Tumble
    • Grain dedicated

Construction of drying plant


To be able to implement our solutions and to get the highest energy efficiency, we need to conduct certain modifications in the drying system, among others: including closed air cycle, providing high level of isolation of drying process, adding heat exchangers or exchanging them with new ones. It can happen also that we will need to install additional filters, blowers or cleaning systems.

Temperature and moisture

Temperature range of drying air: 5 ºC to 90 ºC (for hybrid systems it is possible to achieve higher temperatures)

Moisture range of drying air: no limitation.

Automation and drying processes software

Implementing of our solution may (but not must!) result in an obligatory change of drying plant software. It is possible to integrate the heat pump software with the original drying plant’s controllers. In case there is a need for a larger scope of software changes, we are able to provide appropriate applications created by our company.