What are our values?

Despite the ground-breaking technologies offered by us, business goals stated by the company and the high volume of work and tasks to do, we do not forget about establishing a direct and honest relation, as well as building the team based on our values and principles.

On the other hand, we are committed to present ourselves and to act as a socially responsible company, as well as – what is even more important – to reduce the negative impact of the industry on environment and climate.

Key persons in the company

Piotrek profilowe
Piotr Kordecki


In the company, He is responsible for the management and sales of the technology. He is also the first point of contact for everyone interested in cooperation with Drying Process.

Konrad profilowe
Konrad Palka

Vice President

He is responsible for international contacts. He is fluent in English and Dutch, and advanced in Spanish. For many years he has been managing business projects in numerous EU countries.

Zdzisław Kordecki

Member of the Board

Member of the board and the inventor of the majority of proposed solutions. He is the company’s main expert in fields of thermodynamics and constructions, working at the intersection of physics and machines. He specializes mostly in thermodynamics, physics of fluids and strength of materials. He has over 30 years of experience in construction and machine prototyping.

Ph.D. Łukasz Kuban

Research and Development

He specializes in conducting Computer Fluid Dynamics analysis and in leading research projects. He is responsible for searching for new areas of our technology and verifying how they could be implemented.


Jacek profilowe
Jacek Kordecki

Tests and Measurements

He conducts tests for parameters and measurement of drying processes at customers’ sites, as well as being an expert in the use of our pilot-scale drying plant for any purposes. He is also a great automation engineer, providing integration of customers’ drying plants control systems (software and hardware) with our technologies.

Maciek profilowe
Maciej Wróblewski

Project Management

He is responsible for preparing quotations and leading projects for our customers. He is a great expert in heat pump technology and solutions currently available on the market. Additionally, he has an extensive knowledge of thermodynamics principles and applications.


Drying Plants Manufacturers

The Drying plants manufacturing market is often dominated by big corporations and products, that do not differ significantly in energy efficiency. The Integration of drying plants with a heating system based on heat pumps and HP4D could be a great chance to gain a competitive advantage and achieve precise benefits:

  • New products with several times lower energy consumption.

  • Independence of heating system producers and avoiding issues related to integration of heating systems with drying plants.

  • New markets, higher income and better profitability.

  • Drying plants with brand new quality features.

We look for co-operation/employment opurtunity

We are sorry, but currently we do not have any opened recruitment processes. Nevertheless, we are still looking out for possible candidates, so don’t hesitate to send us your CV, if you consider yourself as suitable to one of the following positions:

Thermodynamics Engineer – persons with extensive knowledge in scope of thermodynamics and mechanical engineer.


Project Manager – persons experienced in leading complex projects in the area of industrial installations.


Sales Representative – persons experienced in B2B in the industry, having developed skills in sales of high value investments and good knowledge in the area of drying processes (optional).

Research and Development projects

Drying technologies are complex and require extensive theoretical knowledge and experience. In Drying Process we concentrate mainly on providing and recovering energy, however we are aware that there are numerous products being dried and numerous drying technologies, and how to process them. This is why we are very open for co-operation with research institutes, companies concentrating on drying technologies and drying plants constructions. We invite you to work together on joint research projects relating to new areas of drying aspects.


We are a company, that offers and sells know-how and supervise investments. This is why, the fundamentals of our work are honest and proven vendors of the heat pumps modules, as well as manufacturers of whole industrial plants. We are open for new solutions and technology. Currently we are interested in heat pumps based on liquid working medium and high power gas compressors working with medium r-134a. We invite all interested parties to contact us.

Tests conducted on pilot-scale drying plant

Our laboratory is equipped with pilot- and large-scale drying plant. Such sizes mean that outcomes of any researches or tests conducted with this plant can be translated practically to any volumes of the production.

The Drying Chamber is configurable in several ways – the product can be dried on several conveyors, single conveyor or stationary (staying in the chamber).The airflow going through the materials being dried is also fully configurable in several ways: from the bottom, from the top, counter-currently or in the direction of the flow of the products.

Thanks to researches we are able to confirm to our customers energy efficiency of the mapped drying process and dried products. Out  mobile laboratory equipment allows us to conduct parameters measurements of the drying process at customer’s plant. Additionally, keeping ongoing cooperation with research institutes, we are able to verify quality features of the products dried with our plant.

Parameters of our pilot-scale drying plant:

  • Up to 0.1MW of thermal energy power
  • Up to 6000 m3 air flowrate per hour
  • Indicative efficiency for sawdust: 80kg of removed water per hour

Contract manufacturing:

Introducing new products to the market does not have to mean high level of investment. Having high power pilot-scale drying plant, we are able to accept and test sample products.

Upgrading drying processes

For many drying processes it is possible to upgrade their parameters by changing the drying technology, introducing even little changes into the drying applications or associating them with other industrial processes.

Our team is highly skilled and very experienced in thermodynamics and drying plants manufacturing – this is why, besides analysis of our technology implementations, we are able to analyze the drying process itself and provide propositions of upgrades.