HP4D – heat pumps technologies in industrial drying processes


HP4D technology is a heating & drying system based on heat pumps, our own ideas use dedicated thermodynamic modules for maintaining hot and closed air cycle, that provides thermal energy essential for drying processes.

This is currently the only highly effective technology in the world, enabling reduction of energy usage 4 to 7 times. The Return of Investment period lasts usually 2 to 4 years.


The majority of drying plants, that use hot air for drying purposes, can be integrated with our technology. We provide solutions for the drying plants currently being designed as well as for the existing ones.

Implementing our technologies is based on substituting a classical heating system, like gas burners, oil, coal or electrical boilers together with their heat exchangers.


Replacing the classical heating system with heat pumps results in 2 to 4 times lower drying costs, CO2 emission reduction, possibility to use recovered water in other industrial applications and makes the whole drying process independent of variable environmental conditions. High energy efficiency can lead to the possibility of acquiring higher grants coming from White Certificates and government subventions for research and development. you can find more information in the “Technology Description” tab.

How do we work?


During the first meeting we will present our solutions and analyze the possibilities of implementing them into the customer’s drying process. We will request for the parameters of the current drying process or we can make measurement.


We analyze energy efficiency of the current drying process and how it would change with our solutions implemented. We estimate the level of possible savings and level of subventions coming from White Certificates.


We provide initial bid, that includes costs, scope of necessary changes and annual savings. At this point the customer makes a decision if we continue our research using our pilot-scale drying plant.



In the case of new products, we conduct tests using our pilot-scale drying plant. We verify the energy efficiency and the impact of the drying product on the plant’s modules.


After the pre-introductory tests, we present the final detailed offer, including full budget which is split into sections for every module, scope of modifications and verified initial estimation of energy efficiency.